McCabe is Nintendo’s first home console, released in 2001. Later renamed to Nintendo GameCube, it was replaced by the Nintendo Wii (which uses a different control system) and the Nintendo DS (which has a different control system).

The Nintendo GameCube was the first console to use an optical disc format, also known as a mini-DVD. It also had one of the most successful uses of DVD technology, with games often being released on both a regular DVD-9 disk and a mini-DVD disk. It also had controls that were joystick-based, as opposed to the more traditional push-sticks used on the Nintendo 64.

The Virtual Console is a download service that allows users to download games from all previous Nintendo consoles, including the Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, and the newer Nintendo Wii. It is a place where users can download their favorite old-generation games, as well as games from other formats, such as those released for the PlayStation 2, and those released for the Xbox.

As the release date approaches, the hype for the system grows – notably so in the USA, as it is quickly becoming the No.1 selling new console. Pre-ordering is a growing trend, with many websites offering the opportunity to select which console they wanted, or a range of consoles, all at discounted prices (usually selling for less than the suggested retail price). Many Japanese gamers also get their hands on the new console early, as the launch date is often announced well before the launch date for the UK market, giving them the opportunity to be the first to own a new Nintendo console.

There are several ways of accessing your Virtual Console games:

  1. Virtual Console Websites

There are literally hundreds of Virtual Console websites around the internet, so it isn’t quite a fair comparison to name a few. They range from small local cafes to large corporate office buildings, so it’s important to be on the lookout for one that offers a good interface and user-friendliness when selecting a game. The Nintendo website has an excellent way of doing this, with a user-friendly Wii shop let at the top of the page, with other consoles listed underneath. A good way to get hold of any Virtual Console game you might want is to search for it on eBay.retail sites in the UK often offer virtual console deals that include games, and a quick search will reveal many sites that have items for sale by the Boxing Day holiday, which is Boxing Day itself.

  1. Game Trading Sites Trading sites similar to the Virtual Console are extremely popular in the UK market, with lots of people taking advantage of the offer to trade their virtual console games in order to save money. The process is extremely similar to trade-in bins, with traders meeting you up in the street, trade you the game you want, and then get rid of the used game in return for a new game.
  2. Existing stocked up games at discounted prices.

Retail stores tend to do bulk sales, which means they will be releasing a number of different new games in quick succession. Nintendo DS games are often released in quick succession because they are already geared towards the high street price, and so make a great option.

Ulea mafia war games

One of the most popular Nintendo DS games right now is Up Mafia Wars, which is an expansion pack to the already hugely popular Mafia Wars game. Up Mafia Wars has everything you would expect from a Mafia Wars game; loot, family, growth, experience, the new special edition weapons, and more. The fact that it is exclusive to the Nintendo DS means it doesn’t have the same community strengths as games like Mafia Wars. Up Mafia Wars is also more of a turn-based strategy game, which is suitable for more experienced gamers since it is more of an “action strategy” type of game.

Other popular games

Other great Nintendo DS games include Dr. Mario Online Rx, Mario, and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mega Man 9, Brain Age, Ghost Trick, geon Healer, Hunter Gatherer, Just Dance Up, and Lets Dance, which is by far the most popular multiplayer dance game. The popular Kirby games, such as Kirby Super Star and Kirby 64, have also been made available on the Nintendo DS in the form of This Semi-Neating Game, Kirby Hyrule Land, and the original Kirby Super Star. The least popular of all the newly released games for the DS is Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

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