Interior design in Bangkok is a challenge when it comes to organising a space, with the metropolis erecting condos left right and centre. Interior designers are responsible for arranging furniture, choosing colors and textures, finding new ways to create spaces that reflect your personality. Interior design can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but all begins with an idea.

In this article we will explore 4 amazing ways AutoCAD can help you with your interior design projects.

AutoCAD Interior Design – Taking Interior Design to a New Level

1. AutoCAD Interior 3D Rendering

With interior design projects, creating a 3d rendering can be a challenge. If you have ever tried to illustrate the perspective of an object, for example how it looks from above, below or from one side you know that it is easier said than done.

AutoCAD Interior 3D Rendering – In general Interior designers struggle with 3d rendering because the perspective of a space is complex and hard to illustrate. With AutoCAD Interior Design you can create stunning 3d renderings by stamping textures onto your drawings . It has never been easier to bring your drawings to life.

2. Design furniture layouts

The Furniture layout function in AutoCAD Interior Design allows you to create furniture layouts. These layouts can be used as a design inspiration and also as a starting point for your projects. Deleted an element by mistake?

Use the OOPS function to restore recently deleted items.

Adding lots of furniture to a design and need to clean up overlapping items?

Use the OVERKILL function after selecting the area you wish to clean up.

3. Draw up construction blueprints for contractors to follow

You can use AutoCAD Interior Design to draw up Construction blueprints with simple commands that will allow contractors to easily follow your plans. You don’t need any experience in using AutoCAD Interior Design for this!

The Blueprint Maker function

Blueprints are detailed drawings that can include many types of diagrams, such as floor plans. The difference between a blueprint and the more generalized term “plan” is an elevation or two dimensional image showing what’s being built rather than just giving overviews about how things will look inside your structure – this includes any furniture arrangements too!

Here is a video Guide to get you started on Creating your own Blueprints.

4. 3D Interior Walkthroughs for Interior design projects

Imagine being able to create a walk through a preview of what your Interior design or Architecture project will look like. Interior designers love to see what a space looks like from different angles before making any final decisions on the design.

With VR becoming a mainstay in modern technology the advancements in tours of your space or projects have improved vastly in recent years.

AutoCAD Interior Design software is constantly evolving and with the release of AutoCAD 2017, one of the new features is the ability to use VR glasses to explore fully rendered design examples

This means that you can now put on a pair of VR glasses and explore 3D models of furniture, textures and colors in complete detail. You can even walk around the space and view it from different angles!

This is a great way to get a feel for how a space will look before you make any final decisions

So there we have it 4 amazing ways AutoCAD is improving the Interior Design process. Software is enabling things unimaginable just 20 years ago and weather that is gaming or commerce we are excited to see where developments will take us in future.

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